Popped Sorghum - Cheese
Popped Sorghum - Cheese
Popped Sorghum - Cheese

Popped Sorghum - Cheese

Wholly Grain
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Snacking has been made more guilt-free with Wholly Grain’s Popped Sorghum. Enjoy the crunch and indulgence of eating "popcorn" but with less fats!

Our cheese variant is Wholly Grain's best-selling variant, and is the favorite of our youngest customers.

    Available in a 185g resealable pack. 

    Nutrition Facts

    Brand Description

    Wholly Grain specializes in the humble sorghum seed: a hardy, nutritious staple which is versatile in its range. The brand sources their sorghum from local farmers in Ilocos Norte, who practice natural farming methods.

    Their products include packed grains and flour, popped sorghum, and pastries. most of which are gluten-free and vegan.