Vegan Leather iPad Case H in Tan - Roots Collective PH
Vegan Leather iPad Case H in Tan - Roots Collective PH
Vegan Leather iPad Case H in Tan - Roots Collective PH
Vegan Leather iPad Case H in Tan - Roots Collective PH

Vegan Leather iPad Case H in Tan (CLEARANCE)

Jacinto & Lirio
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Jacinto & Lirio’s iPad Case is created for anyone who wants a balance between style and functionality. Gracefully handmade and silky as rose petals, this water hyacinth Vegan iPad Case is sleek, elegant and made of sustainable material. It also deflects heat, preventing your iPad from overheating no matter how long you stay.


  • Heat Reflective: Unlike materials used in other ipad covers, this Vegan iPad Case prevents your gadget from heating up thus prolonging your tablet’s lifespan.
  • Fits 10"-11" iPad Screen sizes: The case is versatile and fits all iPads except for the iPad mini and iPad Pro.
  • Horizontal or Portrait Orientation: Allows for versatile viewing of your iPad either horizontally or vertically. 

  • Outer Pen Holder: Store your pen or stylus at the exterior pen holder.

  • Notebook Holder: Inside is an elastic band where you can insert a regular notebook

  • Eco-friendly: These days, being environment-friendly is now a major consideration apart from being practical for the average consumer.Our brand uses sustainably harvested water hyacinths that are polluting bodies of water in different local communities.
  • Vegan: The cover is made of water hyacinth plant leather, which is a good conversation starter! No animal was harmed in the process of manufacturing our products.
  • Water Resistant: Our vegan leather is waterproof! Makes accidental spillage over your refill cover a bit more bearable since it won’t soak into the material. Just wipe it off with fabric.


  • L19.56 x W2.032 x H24.64 cm/ L7.70 x W0.8 x H9.70 in
  • Lovingly handmade from water hyacinth vegan leather
  • Deflects heat
  • Fits all iPad sizes except the iPad mini
  • Water hyacinth leather cover with leatherette striped accent
  • Horizontal orientation and vertical orientation
Brand Description

Jacinto & Lirio (meaning “Hyacinth” and “Lily”), is a social enterprise that transforms a “pest” into eco-iconic and multi-functional leathergoods sustainably made from water hyacinth, with a mission to empower affected families by the water hyacinth infestation problem through livelihood generation.

Jacinto & Lirio provides beautifully handcrafted plant leathergoods which are impressively multi- functional yet stylish conversational-pieces with a lifestyle appeal for professionals, and companies who wants to create a strong patriotic, environmental and socio-ethical statement. We make indigenous look sexy.