Check Our August Arrivals!

In the past year, The Roots Collective has made adjustments to suit the world’s needs and preferences under the WHO-declared, COVID-19 pandemic. As we reach the end of 2021, we haven’t forgotten to keep our customers in mind - hence, we’re introducing new products to fit your modern lifestyle, all while maintaining sustainability! We have also made it a point to adjust to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

See the various social enterprises (onboarded with The Roots Collective) and their new products below:

The Bamboo Company, located in Malanday, Marikina, is a social enterprise whose primary vision includes upholding environment-friendliness through the reduction of plastic waste, especially plastic waste found in the seas. They aim to preserve the stunning sights and the islands of the Philippines, as the country is home to a number of coastal and marine areas.

On average, one Filipino contributes around 12.4kg of packaging waste annually, while Metro Manila is projected to generate 3.53 million tons of waste in 2021. Truly, reducing plastic waste in this decade is no small feat, and The Bamboo Company has taken part of the movement in preventing the usage of single-use plastic.

The startup’s vision is to have clean water around the Philippines where marine life can thrive peacefully and live unharmed by plastic wastes. Though the Bamboo company has been with Roots Collective for a span of time now, we're really excited to welcome them back to the Roots Collective, and now, they're here bigger than ever!

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, they strongly promoted and focused on their bamboo toothbrushes. Now, The Bamboo Company is expanding by implementing bamboo in more products - from soap dishes, to tumblers, and even sunglasses!

Moreover, The Bamboo Company has recently collaborated with BalaiKamay, another social enterprise that employs local artisans from Rizal Province through the creation of pieces of furniture and furnishing that maximize available space. The Bamboo Face Shield is a collaboration between these two enterprises and The Department of Science and Technology: a face shield (that can be ordered in bulk!) designed to help reduce our plastic waste in the midst of the pandemic. 

Every purchase helps preserve and protect our marine animals through, and goes a long way in preventing more generation of plastic waste and carbon dioxide!


Pahulay, Cebuano for "rest", and @bahaypahulay on Instagram, is a local home essentials brand that cultivates rest in everyday living. Their scents are inspired by well-known, sentimental movies and films, and their ​candles are locally-handcrafted in the Philippines. They have recently collaborated with Slow Folks - an art movement that encourages customers to take a gentle pause from everyday worries. The Roots Collective now houses a variety of new scents and homesprays - namely, Floral Field, At The Cabana, Honeymoon, By The Shore, and Rustic Room, among others.

Join us as we continue to support locally-made home care products to fit your quarantine needs by bridging creative enterprises with socially-conscious customers, allowing each stakeholder to grow. Nothing beats the smell of home -  most especially rustic, vanilla-scented homes by the sea.

Happy Island creates locally-made and naturally scented soy candles that promote a happy and positive lifestyle. Happy Island's candles come in various scents: ranging from the rich Piña Colada & Pineapple Mango, to the relaxing Lavender Verbena variant.

A fusion of ripened pineapple and mangoes equals a tropical paradise, the Pineapple Mango is now on sale for a cheaper price, while the Sage Flower, a bittersweet classic scent of leaves, flowers and fruit, is available in both a 2oz and 10oz glass jar.

This time around, prepare to enjoy staying indoors and furnish your home with Happy Island's USB-rechargeable electric lighter for less than a thousand! The brand, in a close tie-up with The Roots Collective, also features new scents, such as Lemon Lavender and Salted Caramel

BalaiKamay employs local artisans from Rizal Province - these local artisans are in charge of handcrafting their products. This social enterprise creates wooden baskets, drawers, and organizers using responsibly-sourced, homegrown, and raw materials.

The Roots Collective, along with BalaiKamay and The Bamboo Company, proudly presents a collaboration: The Bamboo Face Shield

Made with locally-farmed bamboo from Cardona, Rizal, this bamboo-framed face shield is an alternative: face shield plastic aside, it is a more environmentally-friendly way to keep oneself safe during the pandemic.

The Bamboo Face Shield utilizes the help of the Department of Science and Technology in reducing our plastic waste in the midst of the pandemic. Along with this, the product is able to provide local livelihoods to our Filipino bamboo farmers.

This sustainable face shield can be ordered in bulk in order to suit your needs.


LoKal Crafts Manila creates lifestyle accessories for active and stylish professionals. They work hand-in-hand with Marikina artisans to produce leather and vegan leather crafts that stand out in the market. The name comes from the founders' son, symbolizing a bright future by celebrating the excellence of Filipino craftsmanship.

Although LoKal Crafts has been with The Roots Collective for a period of time, in the past, the brand had promoted its Orion Leather Sanitizer Sleeve: a 30mL bottle with a sanitizer sleeve made from genuine cowhide leather and brass trimmings that aptly come in color variants of amaretto, burnt orange, navy blue, and green. This 2021, The Roots Collective is adding two other LoKal products in its lineup: the Selene Leather Mask Holder and the Hera Leather Yoga Mat Strap. 

The Hera mat strap will serve to hold your yoga mats in place, while the Selene mask holder will serve as a vessel for your face masks. Both are made in Marikina using full-grain leather, and both come in various colors, including black, brown, and navy blue. It is also a good idea to pair your mask holder with the Roots Collective’s face masks from HABI Lifestyle and ULA Manila - two other brands and social enterprises that promote positive social development.