Corporate Giveaways


As a diverse community of social and creative enterprises, the Roots Collective prides itself in offering unique gift baskets showcasing the best of Filipino craftsmanship to each and every corporate customer. You can either choose from suggested sets and bundles we have pre-curated, or choose your own contents. We are glad to directly engage with you from start to finish.

No Minimum
Whatever your budget, we’re sure to have something for you.
Personal Collaborations
We can quickly send mockups and provide suggestions. We are on hand to personally assist you. 
Customization & Co-Branding
Depending on the type of packaging & your needs, we can apply your logo on and/or personalize each set.

Eco-Friendly Packaging 

The options for packaging your gift sets are also available as retail products on our Web store, and they are all reusable, multi-purpose, and sustainable.


Crisanto Crate
Antonio Gift Box
Vito Chest


Sweeney Dopp Kit
Theodore Dopp Kit
Drawstring Canvas Bag


Jacinda Jute Tote
Mimi & Me Canvas Tote
Tikog Bayong

Home Storage

Beaded Accessory Tray
Plant Pot Bin

Corporate Catalogue

We have launched a Corporate Catalogue, a selection of our bestselling and most gift-ready products, to inspire and guide you. The products are arranged by category, and then by brand, to allow you to quickly choose the items of your choice given your budget and needs.

Download it for free here.



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