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Are you a social or creative enterprise from the Philippines?
Or do you even just want to become one?

If yes, the Roots Collective is the perfect place for you to come home to!
We are an ecosystem of creative and social entrepreneurs, who believe in the power of collaboration to scale up positive socio-economic impact.
By joining the Roots Collective family, you are not simply signing up as a vendor, merchant, or concessionaire, but you also open yourself up to a thriving, vibrant community and a world of opportunities and possibilities that can only stem from working together. Only in doing so can one really make a difference.

The Roots Collective is a platform for capacity-building and market access. Here are just a few of the things we’ve done and will continue to do:

Web Store

Since the imposition of lockdown in March 2020, our primary outlet has been online retail. Our web store features over 50 creative and social enterprises promoting more than 500 products from all over the Philippines.

This site, which we are also transforming into our new digital home as an ecosystem and community, also features blogs and write-ups on products and the community.

Corporate Orders

Besides retail e-commerce, we are also engaged in corporate e-commerce. Organizations and companies have turned to us for bulk procurement of supplies and corporate giveaway gift sets. In addition to our pre-curated sets, we also directly collaborate with the customer if they want to choose the contents of the boxes.

Depending on the items being availed of, we can also do customization and personalization. The vast majority of our products can be offered as options for the gift sets, except for bulkier items.

A digital corporate catalogue containing a selection of the products we carry is available for free on this site for customers to download.


Physical Retail

Since its inception in 2016, the Roots Collective has carried various local and social enterprises in our physical stores and pop-up events. We typically organize physical retail within high-traffic areas, such as schools and shopping malls, where physical interaction is maximized. Some of the notable areas we have set shop in include Katipunan, Uptown Mall (both the Atrium and an inline store), and the Ateneo Art Gallery in the Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Heights campus.

Design Hub

As a community that prizes collaboration and co-development, the Roots Collective is also home to a Design Hub where the enterprises in our network forge partnerships with each other to co-develop new products or share resources and facilities to minimize costs.

Prior to the pandemic, Tsaa Laya and Proudly Promdi developed cocktails and mocktails with local herbal flavors, which débuted at the Art Fair 2019 and 2020. On the other hand, the first Roots Café at our former Katipunan hub was itself the fruit of the combined efforts of Tsaa Laya, Proudly Promdi, Hiraya Chocolates, and Bote Central (known for its flagship brand, Basilio Coffee), featuring menu products such as mint-infused coffee.


To join, simply fill up our merchant application form here.