Partners in Growth

The Roots Collective has always believed in the importance of partnerships for inclusive and sustainable growth, and the creation of value with all of its stakeholders. We are blessed to have been graced with the support of the Peace & Equity Foundation (PEF) and the Forest Foundation Philippines (FFP), both of whom have not just helped fund the growth and impact of the Roots Collective's activities, but also provided invaluable wisdom and guidance for our mission.



Our Partners in Growth

Peace & Equity Foundation

Founded in 2001 as the steward of an endowment fund, the Peace & Equity Foundation (PEF) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that invests in social enterprises to provide them with viable livelihoods and access to better services. Their objective is for social enterprises to scale up, thereby perfectly aligning with the mission of the Roots Collective.

Forest Foundation Philippines

Established in 2002 as the result of a Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA) between the governments of the Philippines and the United States of America, the Forest Foundation Philippines (FFP) provides grants to organizations that empower people to protect and conserve the country's forests, with particular focus on locations such as Palawan and Sierra Madre. Since community-grown enterprises can be turned into value-creating social enterprises that further augment their forest protection activities, the Foundation's and the Roots Collective's advocacies intertwine.

Growing Through the Sibol Fund

With the culmination of a successful community program in partnership with PEF in 2019, we spotted an opportunity to further the work done so far and expand our capacity-building and funding facilitation pillars for initiatives of youth leaders of social enterprises. PEF facilitated consultations and roundtables between the Roots Collective and fellow impact funders in the realms of social enterprise and sustainable development to propose a joint fund facility.

This culminated in a pledge from PEF and FFP for a two-year pilot program, the Sibol Fund, which will employ social enterprise collaborations to sustain and scale community initiatives in forest conservation, by way of making their own products and enterprises more viable and lucrative.

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