Going Green with EcoShip

The past year and a half has seen an increased proliferation in delivery services, both hub-and-spoke and door-to-door. With many people working from home or choosing not to leave their homes out of fear of getting infected somewhere, somehow, there is a massive shift to ordering online of both the old and the new – e-commerce as it was pre-pandemic, now supplemented by ordering groceries online. (Hint: This is a direction we’re going towards, stay tuned! 😉)

We’ve personally had the privilege of working with different courier services, each with their own specializations and areas of expertise, but one in particular stands out for their mission and the simple-but-striking way they are trying to change the game.

Enter… EcoShip!

It is undeniable that, while e-commerce and couriers have made shopping much more convenient, they have also left not-insignificant ecological footprints. Plastic waste is on the rise because of this, and remember that the Philippines is one of the five worldwide biggest plastic waste generators. Furthermore, delivery services here heavily rely on motor vehicles, such as motorcycles and vans, which contribute a lot to the hazes that have defined metropolises the world over.

EcoShip is an up-and-coming logistics partner that prioritizes environmental impact in everything they do to counter the two aforementioned downward trends. Their riders balance motorcycles with bicycles and electric vehicles in selected locations across Metro Manila, with the intent to slowly expand their coverage area for such. Their goal is to get to 100% bicycle and EV usage, but for now, while motorcycles are still needed, they are strategically routed and deployed to reduce overall carbon emissions.

Their pouches or mailers are biodegradable and compostable, to help cut down one’s waste footprint in a convenient but impactful way. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, and even recycling it generates a carbon footprint, but these plant-based alternatives can do the job just as well, then return to the earth it came from once it’s done.

What’s more, as a committed partner to reducing overall carbon emissions, EcoShip will plant 1 tree for every 25 deliveries a partner makes with them. These will be done across land and sea, made possible with their partnerships with different organizations.

Although EcoShip serves customers only within Metro Manila for the time being, we are ready to work with them for the long haul as a strategic partner in making the world a better, greener, and cleaner place, and we’ll be the first to let you know when they have already expanded to your area! So if you’re in Metro Manila, or you’d like to order something on our site for a loved one there, head on over to https://www.rootscollective.ph and select “Metro Manila – Standard” as your shipping option upon checkout!

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EcoShip is currently available within Metro Manila only, and deliveries shipped through them will take around 2-3 days to complete upon your placing and payment of an order with us (choose “Metro Manila – Standard” as your shipping option). This is because scheduled pickups are friendlier for the environment overall!