new look, who this?

For some people, a salon treatment – be it as simple as a haircut or mani-pedi, or something rather fancier like a perm or highlighting – is that form of self-care that lets them cast their old selves behind, including all their burdens and stresses. They “transform” into someone new, with a fresh look and a fresh outlook, ready to take on the world again.

Pre-pandemic, my mother was like that; a visit to David’s Salon was her form of self-love and therapy. And she’d advise me to have a haircut whenever I got sick, for the same reasons she wanted my clothes washed and beddings changed. It may not be scientifically rooted, but boy did I feel better each time, indeed! Even with no sickness, every time I went to the hairdresser (especially if my hair was particularly long), I would always feel more revitalized than before.

As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, social and creative enterprises, too, have their own share of anxieties and burdens. Although no makeover can magically remove all their problems, a spruce-up – physical or digital – can provide a refreshing change, and renew the experience of getting to know the enterprise all over again, without altering its core essence.

Sometimes, beyond aesthetic, it can even vastly improve the shopping experience... and this is what we at the Roots Collective are now bringing you!

As we continue to grow our community, our catalogue, and even our categories, we recognize the need to make the Roots Collective site navigation even more seamless and pleasant. We are rolling out a new theme and look for our website that aims to do just that. In doing so, we want to achieve two things for you: convenience and aesthetic!

A smoother, cleaner experience

Our website’s facelift brings more than just a prettier experience. We’ve gone lengths to make both browsing and shopping easier and smoother for you!

The menus are now cleaner and more organized, so you can get to where you want to go more quickly. Furthermore, “breadcrumbs”, or your path bar on the site (like on a computer), helps you keep track more easily where you are or if you want to go back somewhere.

We’ve made product categories much more visible and accessible, so that, like a department store, you can make a beeline for products you need, if you don’t have enough time to browse through everything. The Roots Collective is gearing up to become an online grocery and department store of social enterprises and creative startups, and we’re excited to offer you this handy shopping experience! 

Once you’ve arrived at the products themselves, there is a quick view and quick buy feature so you don’t get interrupted or have to keep returning to a previous page. Furthermore, for products with color variations, such as our Reusable Kimono Cover-Up or Selene Leather Mask Holder, color swatches help you identify the exact tones or hues right away, without needing to click every single variation to check them out. 

And, speaking of product viewing, whether you have an account or are browsing as a guest, your recently viewed items will appear underneath to serve as a useful reminder. In addition to that, you also get product recommendations that go well with what you’re currently looking at, saving you the hassle of going everywhere else if you’re taking your time checking out what we have to offer!

Lastly, whenever we onboard new items or announce new discounts, these promotions will be more visible on the site.

Pandemic or otherwise, digital is here to stay – and we want to offer you the best experience as a bridge between social enterprises and conscious consumers.

Come check out the improved Roots Collective at today, learn more about our new enterprises and products, and re-discover old ones!

And, above all, we pray you remain safe and well!